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>Millions Are Echoing Glenn Beck: "Bring Our Troops Home"

>   The mission of this web site was to add my voice to those calling for the Administration to order our troops home. Glenn Beck echoed that sentiment this morning on his Fox Radio show.
   He said it is time for the country to bring home it’s boys and rest them for the coming battle we will have over our borders. It is unquestionably the biggest challenge this country will ever have. Do you know that during the last four years 35,000 people have been executed within miles of our border. Those responsible are the drug runners and Veda which is something we set up–that we actually armed and informally, I guess, invited them to kill a bunch of people. 
   The Pentagon ran a test to see how many assault rifles and other weapons would come back to plague this country if we gave those people the weapons. What a stupid test! Any young or old man in the local barber shop could have correctly answered that question. Of course they will come back to plague us. This really bothers me. We should fire the leadership of the Pentagon and those who made this decision. Congress should be investigating this, but no one–including Beck–is calling for an investigation. But I am!
   Here’s a bit of the Blaze story, Beck’s magazine:

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Fifty-nine bodies were found buried Wednesday in a series of pits in the northern Mexico state of Tamaulipas, near the site where suspected drug gang members massacred 72 migrants last summer, officials said.Security forces investigating reports that a passenger bus had been hijacked in the area conducted a raid that netted 11 suspected kidnappers and freed five kidnap victims.
Then they made a grisly discovery – a total of eight pits, containing a total of 59 corpses. One of the pits held 43 dead.
   In last night’s Glenn Beck Program he said 15,000 drug-gang related deaths have taken place near the American-Mexican border during the past year. If this is true, this is a disaster, a big thing. How can we carry on a war in Afghanistan where some five thousand were killed the past several years and here we have a massacre of Mexican and some American citizens right on our southern border? Closing the borders is a big issue, one that Obama has turned his back to for one important reason. It goes against his goal of amnesty and making more and more Latinos Democrat voting Americans without any ifs, ands, and maybes. 
   The galling thing to me is that just this week this socialist-Marxist president said those walking across the Rio Grand into America are every bit as much Americans as those who came to this country on the Mayflower and all the blacks who came here as slaves and later, after the Civil, war and received full citizenship. Is Obama crazy? 
   That statement alone will cause many Democrats to vote for a Republican–especially the intelligent black community. Mark my words, those sound bits will come back to “bite” Barak Obama. Lately, he has become such a kook before TV microphones the only loose-mouth person alive who is more of a loose cannon is his vice president, Joe Biden. 
   This morning (Wednesday April 27, 2011) I posted on Glenn Beck Chronicles  the breaking story of Obama bringing forth is long form birth certificate this morning. I posted a blow-up of the certificate, but it is very hard to read. We really need an expert to look at it.

   Maybe Donald Trump can force Obama to bring our boys home. Rush Limbaugh is crediting him with getting Obama to release his long form birth certificate. It may or may not do anything to slow down the “birther” non-believer people. But despite what Trump “did” or didn’t do, Obama was faced with a decision. Look at the USA Today poll that said 38 percent of Americans want Obama to reveal his birth certificate. As Limbaugh said today, that’s not just a little fringe “Birther” group of people. In that group were a lot of voters who don’t belong to some kook group of Birthers. It’s now legit. Limbaugh said Trump is the only one taking “it to Obama and there’s nobody else on our side” doing that.
   Some are even saying the birth certificate is illegible–and with that I will agree wholeheartedly. The smudges in the box containing the name of the attendant and in other boxes. Forge experts should look at it and see if this is an original birth certificate. Limbaugh got a bunch of emails today saying the birth certificate is a fraud. They give ways you can see that this is a sloppy forgery
   But what if it is not a forgery? It means Trump has some clout. But also credit all those Birthers for public opinion regarding the need for a release of the certificate. This kind of pressure helped put Obama in a position of releasing this dummy or authentic certificate–whatever it really is.
   But if it gives Trump clout, more power to the right. He next should pressure him to release his grades at Columbia and Harbard and his writings while serving as editor of the Harvard Law Review. None of this is half as important as getting our soldiers home and lining them up against the drug lords who are coming into the country in droves. Beck estimated there are 230 American cities where Mexican drug lords are now living. Imagine–it isn’t just Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. They are probably located in every city of the nation.
   The bodies of those [recently found] are being examined to determine whether they were bus passengers who were reportedly abducted March 25, the Tamaulipas state government [in Mexico] said in statement in which it “energetically condemned” the crimes.
   The statement did not identify what drug gang, if any, that the 11 arrested suspects belonged to, or why they might have hijacked the bus.
   President Felipe Calderon’s office issued a statement saying the find “underlines the cowardliness and total lack of scruples of the criminal organizations that cause violence in our country.”
   While there was no immediate confirmation that a drug cartel was involved, officials refer to the cartels as “criminal organizations.”
   The statement said Calderon had ordered federal officials to help in the investigation, and particularly in the work of identifying the victims.
   The pits were found in the farm hamlet of La Joya in the township of San Fernando, in the same area where the bodies of 72 migrants, most from Central America, were found shot to death Aug. 24 at a ranch.

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