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>TruthMeister’s Words And My Reaction

>Thank you, TruthMeister, I couldn’t agree more. You will find copy of your cogent words in my Political Disconnect Blog this morning (article above).

While after today we’ll know how successful
McCain was as a campaigner, it isn’t over. We will have to stay vigilant going forward. Life doesn’t end after an election–it begins–for those of us who daily blog the web channels.

Obama may win and he may lose. But his sordid character will come forth again no matter what he does, and it will continually be before us win or lose. He and his kind are a threat to our Constitution, which he would tear up and burn if he could get his hands on the original.

He has already shown his disdain for the American flag. He shows NO RESPECT for our pledge of allegiance, for our flag, for our way of life. He represent CHANGE, and it is dangerous change. He wants to rewrite our national anthem, transform money that you and I honestly earned into government funds, make government an agent of his strange type of so-called “charity.”

But he isn’t aware of something religious people have known all along. Government can’t give something as charity when it doesn’t own it. Charity comes from the heart. Government is an institution, it has no “heart.” It can’t give welfare to someone and call it unselfish charity–that can only come from people on a personal basis.

True charity requires love and respect, two traits government is incapable of displaying. Forcing people through laws to give up money for charity or welfare is dishonest, immoral.

It shows a lack of home religious training that Obama sorely needs. Kids in religious families grow up knowing that they do owe something to the poor, to the indigent, to the needy. But they also know that those decisions are purely personal. Government can’t interpose itself into that picture. It has no fundamental right to take from one and give to another, either by altering tax laws or by calling what you produce surfeit, taking it away from you because you have too much.

Franklyn Roosevelt’s welfare scheme was a wicked program. A better program would have been to let people keep their money and set up companies which could hire others, providing jobs for the poor and needy.

Welfare and affirmative rights are wicked programs. They make people dependent on government, on politicians.

To be “owned” by a politician is a base circumstance that we must reverse in our society. No one was ever eternally happy under those conditions because it lessens that person’s viewpoint of himself. It clouds their character, stifles abilities and limits their potential. It’s Satan’s plan to make people dependent on him, just as it’s Satan’s plan to make people dependent on government handouts.

I say down with the “Obama Change.” It is ill-conceived change. No change is better than what Obama would do to America. God forbid it!