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>Soldiers Are Our Finest Patriots – But Unions Are Our Worst Subversive Terrorists

>I believe in the U.S. troops explicitly and strongly. Without doubt, these bold, brave men and women are the nation’s best patriots. They are citizen soldiers. They don’t usually want to make a livelihood of soldering. Who would? their pay grade is one of the lowest in the country.

Retired AF Senior Master Sgt Lisa Mei
“With Love, From and American” 

Retired AF Senior Master Sgt Lisa Mei
“With Love, From and American” 

No, they are in Afghanistan and other world hot spots because of love of country, not money.
Then I thought. Who or what is on the other end of the patriotic spectrum. We call them traitors where I come from. They are today’s trade unions. They are using the teachers and school administrators. Unions don’t give a crap about our teachers or the students. Really?

Communists And Traitors to 
America All Right Here In USA

Yes, really. Governor Scott Walker’s bill will limit the power of unions. Governor Walker’s plan would limit collective bargaining for most state and local government employees to wages, barring them from negotiating on issues like benefits and work conditions. It would also require workers to contribute more to their pension and health care plans, cap wage increases based on the Consumer Price Index and limit contracts to one year. And it would take on the power of unions by requiring them to take annual votes to maintain certification, and by permitting workers to stop paying union dues. 

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Police and fire unions, which have some of the most expensive benefits but who supported Mr. Walker’s campaign for governor, are exempted. But Iven their pay and bennies must come under stricter scrutiny if we are going to balance budgets nationwide. 

How would Scott Walker’s bill hurt the teachers? It would make them pay between 12 and 20 percent of their health insurance costs. Hey, how is that so bad. Most Americans pay for their own health insurance. Teachers have been coddled way too much and for too long. They don’t deserve this VIP treatment. If you look at international numbers you will see that graduating seniors from high school – hey, even those in lower grades – just don’t cut it when we look at grades and SAT scores. In other words, we’ve got a bunch of poor teachers who happen to be paid world class salaries and benefits. Get our scores on math and science up where China’s and South Korea’s scores are and I’ll sing a different tune. 

Even the tiny country of Finland beats America in math and science. Maybe we should ship their teachers over here – or send our kids to Finland to learn. Our system is really poor and must be changed. Many of our teachers should be fired. America will not maintain its position as a leader in the world with kids this inept and unaware coming up through the grades.

It’s high time we cut back on teacher pay and benefits. We may want to also fire a third of them. How would they like that? But Walker is right by first limiting what teacher unions can bargain for: pay, but not for benefits. In the private sector benefits are traditionally a matter for board of director voting each year. In other words, welcome to the real world, teachers.

So how are unions and their communist leaders traitors to America? Quite simply because they act as if we are not in a deep recession. The country  – and all but two states – are in financial trouble, folks. We don’t have money to pay for their high salaries and benefits. 

Teachers pretend to teach, but do they read?  Haven’t they checked? All but two states are technically bankrupt. That’s North Dakota and one other. Forty-Six of Fifty states could declare bankruptcy this year. The country may not survive as we know it if that happens. Arizona is one of the hardest hit. Is it any wonder why citizens of Arizona have been fighting hard to rid themselves of unwanted guests from Mexico?

According to  In fact, Jan Brewer, the newly appointed Governor of Arizona has a major crisis on her hands, one that Arizona and national media isn’t covering. The alarming news is the State of Arizona has 90 to 120 days before they completely run out of money. After that, all bills and tax refunds owed to the citizens will go unpaid.

Before Janet Napolitano left for her new Homeland secretary position, she had a stand-off with Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin. The AZ Treasurer forewarned Napolitano about Arizona’s financial crisis, but she refused to heed his words.
With neighboring California on the verge of bankruptcy this year, many States will follow in their steps. 
Many States are already scurrying to cut unwanted costs, cut State-funded programs, raise taxes, not issue tax refunds to their citizens, and borrow money just to survive

There is a move across the nation for states to cut back. For example, Florida Governor Rick Scott last week sent back to Washington $3 Billion dollars that would have gone toward building a light rail system that he – and all loyal Americans – can see is not needed. least of all now when we are bankrupt. Yet there are still Republicans in Florida – in the Orange County Government – like liberal Republican Mayor Teresa Jacobs who act as if we the taxpayers of Orange County are made of money.

It’s about time all states got on the bandwaggon and cut teacher salaries and benefits. Sure, unions can hire some thugs to yell it up in the statehouses. But, teachers, when you examin what bang you get for the buck by hiring unions to represent you, you must agree that they are an unnecesary evil. They just don’t get it. America is going down the tubes financially and the unpatriotic unions are crying wolf. They don’t care. 

I honestly believe that these statehouse riots and demonstrations urged on by the unions are done so to exhibit to the world community that America wants anarchy. That America favors violence and union terrorism over the peaceful handling of public affairs unknown to the Middle East lately. They are helping the Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood in their move toward a One World Government where we would all live under Sharia law and our Constitutional law would be shelved or done away with. If you study Sharia law, you won’t like it. It urges jihad, violence, and lawlessness at every turn. Especially women’s lives would be put at jeopardy.

Look at the history of unions. They were created – not by the Democrat Party – but by the Communist Party here in America. But  now virtually all democrat politicians are nothing more than communists led by Andy Stern, former leader of Service Employee Union, and Richard Trumpka of the AFL-CIO.. They have adopted lock stock and barrel the USA Communist Party Platform. In fact the USCP is suing the Dems for infringing on their platform and adopting it carte blanche. How’s that going to end?  I know how it will end. Democrats will cry “uncle” and promise to merge their party with the communists. They are communists already, or haven’t you noticed?

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