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>Stop Obama’s Dirty Tricks


Republicans have launched a new, powerful ad exposing Obama’s radical agenda and his dirty little secret.

I think it will knock your socks off.

This 30-second ad exposes Obama’s ‘dirty little secret the media won’t talk about’ – his radical plan to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits and Medicaid, full healthcare coverage.

By Obama’s own count there are 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. and he wants them all getting government benefits.

Obama has stated he also wants to give each and everyone of them amnesty and citizenship.

As for them learning English, he has stated he thinks American kids, your kids, should learn Spanish.

There is no doubt this man is the most radical leftist ever nominated by the Democratic party.

We have already exposed Obama’s shocking plan to give illegals driver’s licenses – even though everyone knows the 9/11 plot began with 13 of the 19 terrorists getting driver’s licenses.

As the American people find out about Obama and his plans, they will turn on him.

McCain can still win this.