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>Renewable Wind Turbines In Colorado and All Over The West Why not build Them In The East, too?

>New Sheriff In Town!

Obama visited Texas during the campaign and they gave him a five-gallon cowboy hat. It could have been bigger. His head is so large–despite usually being depicted as thin between the ears– a normal size hat wouldn’t fit

Below, we show a cartoon depicting Obama arriving in Denver, Colorado–the western United States where people are serious about John McCain’s “All-of-The-Above” approach to solving the energy shortage by using all available energy sources. This time it was Democrat Governor Bill Ritter who announced the new wind generator plant to be built by Denmark’s Vesta in Pueblo, Colorado.

Vestas Towers A/S is a Denmark-based firm that will build the world’s largest wind tower manufacturing plant in Pueblo. The $240 million capitol investment includes a manufacturing facility that will produce up to 900 steel towers annually for Vestas wind turbines, employing 450 to 550 workers, not including other contracting and consulting jobs. The plant is scheduled to open in 2009.

The tower manufacturing plant represents the largest single investment in Vestas history. Vestas officials cited easy access to rail and highways, the state’s highly skilled workforce, a favorable business climate, and strong dedication and commitment from state and local leaders to growing Colorado’s New Energy Economy as reasons for further expanding their Colorado operations.

Today’s announcement follows last week’s announcement that Vestas will open two new production facilities in Brighton, Colorado, one to make wind blades and the other to assemble nacelles.

Nacelles are the housing units that sit atop the tower and contain the gearbox, generator and transformer. Vestas opened its first North American manufacturing facility in Windsor, Colorado earlier this year.

All four production facilities amount to a $700 million capital investment by Vestas, and will result in the creation of nearly 2,500 new jobs in Colorado.

“If Bill and Hill show their ugly faces and raise a rukus I’ll drop ’em at twenty paces. I know they would do the same to me.”