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>Below is A Propaganda Piece From Islam, But I Wanted Christians and Jews To Be Aware of What They Are Saying

> This “Wire” was designed to receive news from all denominations, and that includes Islam. Unfortunately, what we find from the Muslim is so far removed from God that it is actually war-related, and must represent what Muslims themselves have pounded into their minds when they enter their places of worship. If a representative of Islam, or a member, would comment below in a reasonable manner I would appreciate it. I would also like to receive press releases via email from all denominations and churches and will print that which is fit to print.
Don White


LATEST: US Veterans Protest Iraq War
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theSummaries[1] = “Ulema want Saudi-mediated Taliban peace talks “;
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theSummaries[2] = “Scottish Muslims guard synagogue”;
theSiteLinks[2] = “news/articles/2/Scottish_Muslims_guard_synagogue.html”;
theSummaries[3] = “Rabbis\’ Religious War on Gaza”;
theSiteLinks[3] = “news/articles/2/Rabbis_Religious_War_on_Gaza.html”;
theSummaries[4] = “UK Far-right Gains From Recession”;
theSiteLinks[4] = “news/articles/2/UK_Farright_Gains_From_Recession.html”;
theSummaries[5] = “US Veterans Protest Iraq War”;
theSiteLinks[5] = “news/articles/2/US_Veterans_Protest_Iraq_War.html”;
theSummaries[6] = “Israel Committed Gaza War Crimes: UN”;
theSiteLinks[6] = “news/articles/2/Israel_Committed_Gaza_War_Crimes_UN.html”;
theSummaries[7] = “Obama Offers New Beginning With Iran”;
theSiteLinks[7] = “news/articles/2/Obama_Offers_New_Beginning_With_Iran.html”;
theSummaries[8] = “Secular body divides French Muslims”;
theSiteLinks[8] = “news/articles/2/Secular_body_divides_French_Muslims.html”;
theSummaries[9] = “Somalis\’ Endless Refugee Life”;
theSiteLinks[9] = “news/articles/2/Somalis_Endless_Refugee_Life.html”;



Ulema want Saudi-mediated Taliban peace talks
Afghanistan’s Ulema called for Saudi-mediated peace talks with the Taliban to restore stability to the Muslim country.  more »
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Islam empire of faith (Part II – 1 of 7)
Life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and history of Islam and the Arab nation.
Six Years on, Iraqis See Glimmer of Hope
Ulema want Saudi-mediated Taliban peace talks
Scottish Muslims guard synagogue
Rabbis’ Religious War on Gaza
UK Far-right Gains From Recession
Kingdom, Qatar sign maritime border pact
Obama offers Iran ‘new beginning’
No deal on composition of unity government
‘We killed them in cold blood’
Kuwait faces calls for political overhaul
AJP: NC: Non-Muslim Students Experience a Day ‘Behind the …
AJP: CAIR: FBI Director Invited to Meet Minn. Somali Commu …
AJP: CAIR-LA: Calif. Synagogue Agrees to Invite Speaker on …
AJP: CAIR-MN: Minneapolis Mosque to Host Community Dinner
AJP: TN: Young Muslims, Jews Work Toward Peace
Leader: No change in hostile U.S. policy
Hamas threatens to capture more Israelis
Obama scores points with Iran message
Protests mark 6th year of Iraq invasion
Israeli soldiers fought ‘religious war’ in Gaza
GCC states welcome FTA with Malaysia
Dewa Refinancing Of Dh8b Loan On Track
Qatar buys QR6.5b of bank investments
Clinton to attend launch ceremony of Qatar First Investmen …
Thrill, disappointments at Sotheby’s auction
Leader: No change in hostile U ... Leader: No change in hostile U …
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution says the U.S. has showed no sign of real change in its hostile attitude toward the Iranian nation.
GCC states welcome FTA with Ma ... GCC states welcome FTA with Ma …
Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries welcomed the launch of negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Malaysia within the year …
بحضور أكثر من 400 فتاة وسيدة
محمد بن راشد يتواصل مع الإعلاميين والمجتمع إلكترونياً ويشهد سباقاً للق …
أوباما يعرض بداية جديدة مع إيران
قمة أردنية ـ سورية تشدد على تنقية الأجواء العربية
تصادم بين غواصة نووية وسفينة أميركية في الخليج
ألف يوم على أسر الجندي الإسرائيلي جلعاد شاليط ولا تسوية بالأفق
العراقيون ينقسمون بين الحسرة والتفاؤل في الذكرى الـ6 للاجتياح
Leader: No change in hostile U.S. policy …
jenny: nothing new
21/03/2009 01:24:10 PM
Obama scores points with Iran message
abe parker: RUBBLE
21/03/2009 12:48:34 PM
Ahmadinejad: Anti-Iran sanctions ineffic …
To Abe: Is that like how you BACKWARD vanquished the Sudanese?
21/03/2009 12:48:32 PM
Islam: A Home of Tolerance, not Fanaticism
Human Rights in Islam
War ethics in Islam
Why has Islam prohibited dating?
Ramadan: the fasting month for Muslims
Abul Wafa Muhammad Al Buzjani
Ibn Rushd
Imam Al Bukhari (194 – 265) -Part I
Abu Dharr al-Ghifari: Part II
Musab Ibn Umayr: Part II
Women in Islamic Society — 27: Rules to Observe in Mosque …
She did not know that madhiy invalidates wudoo’; should sh …
He swore on the Qur’aan that he would not go to more …
Ruling on using materials to which animal glycerine has be …
Is zakaah due on a retirement pension?

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