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>Sarah Palin Will Do Great!

>I responded to a typical elitist article, cutting and critical of Sarah Palin. It was written by Ruth Marcus and appeared in the liberal Washington Post this morning. There is nothing like the envy and malice that one less successful woman has for a truly successful woman. I want you to read my comments before clicking onto the Marcus article.

Ruth Marcus, you didn’t need to write more than the first paragraph before we caught the vindictive side of you. We who will vote for Sarah Palin and John McCain don’t worry too much about a candidate’s library unless it’s full of Mein Kampf, Karl Marx, and Frederich Engles. We worry about her mind, her heart, and her desire to serve. Where is your mind?

Sarah’s library is one that most working mothers aspire to–she reads things that will help her family. Family means much to Sarah Palin as it does to most Americans. What a pity that those of you who write these silly anti-Palin articles can’t see how much more important it is to teach our children true principles than it is to graduate from Harvard and Yale, than it is to have traveled to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rome, and Paris.

In the long run her credentials to become president or vice president are just as valid to the masses of common folk in America as John McCain’s vast knowledge and understanding of history. If she were thrust into the presidency the important thing is that she would make sound judgments about the people (experts) around whom she would surround herself. Isn’t that, really, all that the inexperienced Barak Obama can offer?

Not all great presidents have been Harvard- or Naval Academy- trained, or much more than that of the common man. Take Harry Truman, for example, a haberdasher who operated a men’s clothing shop. He was a common man and—like Sarah Palin—an honest person who ran for office. That’s rare today, play it up. Don’t denigrate it. When he ran the Republicans did not try to smear his character and education as you, my dear, are attempting to do to Sarah Palin. Are we living in such different times? Are we that much poorer in spirit than our fathers and mothers?

Think it over—start being fair and balanced. Quit hating and finding fault, for the fault is in you. Truman was respected and treated well by both sides of the isle for his soundness of judgment and not for his vast historical library. Has American society retrogressed so much that political writers must stoop so low as to criticize without knowing what a great human being they are dragging through the mud? The trouble with you elitists who write for the liberal papers is that you assume all Americans are just like you. They aren’t. Get real! You’re out of touch. True Americans are kind and considerate. And you, madam, are not the fount of all knowledge and understanding. Sarah Palin will do just fine in any setting. She may surprise many by the way she is able to help clean up the mess that the preceding group of pseudo-intellectuals have caused, both on the financial front and in foreign policy.

Have an intellectually challenging day!

Don White

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