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>Obama’s Puerto Rican Sham: Statehood

>I invite you to start watching the Glenn Beck Program on Fox, as Paul Christensen, below, suggests. If you are busy at 5 p.m, record it to watch later. It is outrageous that the LA ( Latino) city council members – and other liberal cities like St. Paul, MN – are actually acting like a nation of their own and boycotting the state of Arizona and others like Utah, and Texas whose legislatures plan to pass similar border legislation to that which Arizona has passed. 

The plain truth of the matter is this: 
The Feds refuse to regulate illegal immigration. There are more than 450,000 illegals in Arizona alone. Probably one hundred thousand in each of the western states and far more in California. The drain on human services for Arizona and other states is terrific and unsustainable over time. Obama knows this. He is itching for the chance to bail out all of the states and eliminate states’ rights, creating one big national dictatorship. 

Barak Obama and his progressive friends won’t enforce laws already on the books in a meaningful way – people coming to the US must have visas, passports, or legal citizenship of the USA before they can come here. These people from Mexico and beyond have no legitimate right to be here. And we’re getting their worst people – the thugs, criminals, drug runners, and murderers. 
The Federal Government is not doing its job, so we should not criticize Arizona for wanting to stem the tide of illegal immigration. I wholeheartedly support the efforts of states passing such laws, even if portions of the laws may later be declared unconstitutional by myopic judges who rule by the false notion of “political correctness.”  I hope that will not happen in Arizona’s case because the law itself says it prohibits racial profiling and a sheriff must have reasonable cause to detain someone on the street and even ask for their identification. Reasonable cause doesn’t include color of skin. 

My brother-in-law, Paul Christensen, who lives in St. George, Utah, has written the following on the subject. He pays special note to Puerto Rico which today may be called on to vote for statehood. The government knows Puerto Rico, a territory of the U.S., doesn’t want statehood. It would mean paying Federal taxes. The machinery for statehood is expensive and would require crippling local and state taxes on those poor people. I suggest you tune in tonight to Glenn Beck for more on this. 
The progressives know that if you announce a legitimate statehood vote in reasonable time in advance, Puerto Rico citizens will turn down statehood. They have done so three times. Obama hopes to slip this one in on us. What happened to “transparency?”
The Obama Progressives will offer them a “false choice.” First they will ask “if you are satisfied with the current state of affairs in Puerto Rico” and most of them will vote “No.” in a second vote there will only be two things on the ballot – statehood or a continuation of poverty in Puerto Rico? You ask a question this way and you can make the people say anything you want them to say, including that they want statehood.
It’s a trap! Obama, the community organizer, and his band of criminals surrounding him, have concocted an evil plan. It’s the wrong way to hold an election and should be rejected by every fair minded citizen of America. Obama has 200 attorneys at your expense writing this kind of unconstitutional malarky – many are attorneys and some are ex-convicts or communists and Marxists.  All of these progressives are for the downfall of our Constitution and free enterprise and for making Puerto Rico a state, which is just the first step.

Next they will make the District of Columbia a state. Obama is a dictator in the making. To remain in office for the next forty years like Castro… he must stack the deck. This is his way of creating a majority of poor people who will always vote for the man who offers them the biggest handout. Instead of a way for man to pull themselves up by their bootstraps as Lincoln said. Free Enterprise is under siege. Government ownership and manipulation is gaining stature in America. Freedom of Choice is leaving us.  Study the gospel of Jesus Christ. See if there weren’t parallels to this in the Grand Council before we came to earth. It’s all about agency and the freedom of man…
(Thanks, Paul, for your update. I have added my two cents to what you said).
 Don White

— On Thu, 4/29/10, Paul Christensen  wrote:

From: Paul Christensen

If you have not been watching Glenn Beck, I am urging you to do so.  This is so important that we watch this because of the things that are unfolding right now with the progressives and their attempt to take over the nation.  If you have Fox news i would emphatically urge you to watch.  And if it comes on at a time where it is not possible to watch please Tevo it.  This is crucial. 
Mr Beck makes some valid points and it seems to go along with what the progressives are trying to accomplish.  That is a one world government.  I do not believe any of us want this so it is important that we wake ourselves up so we can do what we can to educate ourselves and other as to what is happening. 
Today Puerto Rico is being asked to vote on whether they want to become a state.  They have rejected it three times in the past and now the wording  on this vote is different.  The progressives have manipulated the machine so bad that the people of Puerto Rico, if they vote to pass this one this time they will become a state whether they like it or not.  The reason they are doing this is because they are trying to stack the voting machine on the side of the Democrats.  They have done this with the blacks since during the last election they received 95% of the black vote.  These people do not think but rather vote the color of their skin.  They talk about prejudice, but if this voting is not prejudice I do not know what is.  I WATCH the news every day and the blacks are so vehemently siding with Obama it makes me sick.  If I see a black making comments, I will tune them out or I will change the channel because I already know what they will say.  
We see what is happening with Arizona with the influx of the Illegal aliens.  Now Arizona is in a real pickle with this one so they had to choice other than to do what they did.  It is up to the Federal Government to secure the borders and they have been asked by the people of Arizona to do this for years which it has neglected to do.  I keep hearing this come up and that is, it would be impossible for us to deport 12 million of the illegal Mexicans back to Mexico.  But why not stop the influx.  The reason they do not do this is because they do not want to deport them but rather want to be able to pass the amnesty so they can secure their vote.  They are being lied to and manipulated by the Democrats.  The Democratic party is no longer the Democrats but they are the party of the progressives.  It is the progressive party!  Hilary Clinton has came out and said that she is a progressive.  She makes no bones about it.  Progressives to me equates to Unamerican. They want to overthrow the government and the Constitution of the United States of America.  They are so brazen that they now make no bones about it.  We used to hear that we need the Illegal Mexicans here to pick the fruit that the Americans would not pick.  Are you trying to tell me that 12 million Mexicans are here doing seasonal work and picking fruit.  That is preposterous.  They are employed by other means.  Taking your kids jobs and my jobs.  They are taking my tax monies while paying no taxes at all.  They are the biggest leaches and are certainly not concerned about your or my welfare and they have no morals or ethics.  87% of the Mexican that come into the United States have a record so that tells you what kind of people that we are getting.  We are not getting the cream of the crop but the bottom of the barrel.  They are killing ranchers in Arizona, sheriffs, and even a two year old girl.  Did you hear any of this in the media?  I will bet not.   All the Democrats want is to keep themselves in office so they can destroy our country.  

>In California Right Is Wrong and Wrong Is Right!


In an effort to be completely fair, I am publishing something that many of my conservative bloggers may disagree with. It represents the result a blog by a liberal in California:

It came from a liberal blog in California called Brave New Films http://www.

Study: Most Legal Immigrants Were ‘Illegal’ at One Time

Posted by DREAMActivist

It appears that things don’t happen in a STRAIGHT line (neither do brain waves and heartbeats FYI).

After my constant repetition of “undocumented or illegal is not a permanent immutable characteristic” this past week, the Public Policy Institute of California has just confirmed the accuracy of the statement.

In a new study based on a survery of 8,000 people, the Public Policy Information Center (PPIC) found that 52% legal residents in California had past experience of living in the country illegally at one time or another. It absolutely smashes the ill-promoted dichotomy of legal/illegal, proving that binary modes of thinking about immigration policy are superficial, baseless and untrue.

Now, it’s only fair for me, a conservative, to refute this flawed argumnt above:

1. The PPIC is a liberal think tank, nothing more, nothing less, though it’s board of directors includes a former insurance company president (some of them are idiots. I know, I used to be one in Minneapolis), and a Chamber of Commerce executive. Chamber people are all for more Latin illegals coming to America, no strings attached except that we owe their children free educations, medicine, and every privilege given to legals.

2. The law is the law. There definitely is a difference between a person who has come to America legally and one who stepped under or over the fence to come here without visas, etc. If illegal and legal means the same to my PPIC friend, then black and white are the same. There is no right and wrong, and someone robbing a bank is as welcome as someone living the law. Nonesense! If there are no opposites in life, then there is no joy and there is pain. There are no bounds. No punishment, no rewards. That goes against all good logic and the Judeo/Christian concepts most of us were taught. Maybe because many Americans are abandoning religion and America is becoming secularized this garbage philosophy makes sense to some. Well, it doesn’t make sense to me–or to the millions of law abiding citizens in this country who serve in the armies and navies, who fight our wars, and who die for our freedoms. Arnold Swarzenegger has never done any of that. But this isn’t about him, necessarily. It’s about those . ne’er-do-wells who want to destroy America. But I’m not, and your not, going to let them.

My PPIC friend continues, saying: “It (his philosophy which he thinks came out in a staged survey) highlights how overly simplified our understanding of immigrants and immigration can be,” said Hill, who said a stark distinction between “illegal” and “legal” immigrants does not acknowledge the frequent correlation between both categories. “We need to be a little more cognizant of the variety and breadth of experience.”

But what does the above prove? Absolutely nothing, except a need for tougher enforcement of immigration laws in California by the liberal Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. And if he’s a moderate Republican I’m a raving idiot. Though I’m really a conservative and doubt if I could survive in California whose economy is greater than 90 percent of the governments on the face of the earth. But, as goes California, so goes the nation–unfortunately.

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