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>Floyd Brown Unmasks Barak Obama


What are the two secrets that will rip the mask from Obama’s young face and reveal his charade for what it is-phantom liberalism?

Floyd Brown has the answers!

And who better to begin the unmasking than Floyd Brown, the man who has loyally served the conservative cause since the Reagan years. Floyd’s search for the real man behind the mask took him onto 3 continents, into the slums of South Chicago, up into New York’s power suites, and out to Hollywood…

Floyd had no interest in attacking Obama with base accusations or wild smears. He aimed for the simple facts…

Would the mad
billionaire George
Soros run wild in an
Obama White House?

But what he uncovered – especially two plots being hatched by George Soros and David Geffen to steal the White House for Obama – were the most damning things we’ve ever seen in politics.

There are several good books on Obama, and I applaud them all. But no other book reveals these two secret plots, plots which clearly explain how Obama rose to power so quickly and how dearly we’ll all pay if he wins.

These plots could be as damaging to Obama as Deep Throat was to Nixon or Whitewater to Clinton. When these revelations hit the streets, they’ll he hotter than a liberal hawking global warming.

If Obama fails in his bid, it will be because of new discoveries about the people who brought him into this world, who groomed him for this moment, who now see themselves on the cusp of controlling a superpower–a lifelong dream of these people, these handlers.

So I am asking you to get Obama Unmasked and then tell at least five friends to get a copy as well – that’s how we’ll stop the Obama media machine from rolling right over an unsuspecting electorate.