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>Should LPGA Players Have To Speak English?

>What do you think? The LPGA wants to mandate English for all of its golfers, despite the fact that there are 121 international players on the LPGA tour. People like Annika Sorenstam don’t have to worry. Like millions of Europeans, she was required to learn English in public schools. Then she came to America on a golf scholarship, so of course she speaks English as well as she speaks her native Swedish. But what about the Asians, who don’t have that kind of background. Is it fair to require these talented players to now divert their attention to learning a new language while they compete for championships?
You be the judge. Leave a comment and the world map below to vote.

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>Miss Universe

There’s always something spanking-new and beautiful about watching a Miss Universe or Miss America splashing in the ocean in her bikini. Above is Miss Universe 2008, Dayanna Mendoza, frolicking in the currents before a bevy of eager camermen at the Diamond Bay Resort and Golf Club in Nha Trong, Viet Nam on July 15, 2008.